If you are looking for the ideal registration for your Chelsea Truck Company CJ300, look no further than our private number plate collection where you will find a number of exclusive registrations.

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Off-road or on the open road – a Jeep Wrangler CJ300 adorned with the OR1 ONGE number plate will mark you out as a unique individual.

On the road, you will be viewed as a stylish individual with a vast circle of friends, whereas off-road, you will be a fearless warrior who will be known as the one who conquers the most difficult terrain in style. 

EAR 77H 

The perfect registration number for individuals who endeavour to cross the most far-flung locations of the Earth – why not cross the most remote of locations in style?

Regardless of where you are, people will know that you are serious about travelling to and conquering the most remote locations known to man. 

N33 WWS 

Are you on the prowl for the next big news story?

Break the mould and become the first journalist out there to have a number plate that would make chat show king Michael Parkinson take notice.

Arrive at a press conference with N33 WWS affixed to your car – everybody will take note that the man with the suitably journalistic number plate has turned up.