If you are in the mood for receiving some fatherly advice, about the do's and don'ts of driving that your dad forgot to mention to you - sit down sonny, and listen to what Kahnnews has got to tell you.

Speeding and Braking
Always keep your distance; it's ever so important to make sure you can see the car in front of you from a reasonably good distance. Adhering to the highway code can't be seen as peripheral, it's got to be done!

Always make sure that you can brake to a halt in the distance that you can see because you never know what's just outside your line of sight, so be careful and come home early for your tea!

Poor Visibility
Now listen carefully, I shall say this only once!

rive slowly round bends, because you never really know if anyone else is coming ahead. And if visibility is really bad on a blind bend or junction then try turning the music off and open your window to listen for other cars ahead. This also works when it is very foggy out there.

Overtaking on a Motorway
Regardless of one's age, everyone enjoys overtaking on a motorway. It's a relatively easy and in-expensive way of getting a motoring thrill.

However, you should always look over your shoulder when overtaking on a motorway – don't just rely on mirrors, that's being plain lazy and besides, there could easily be someone in your blind spot. In the same way, never drive in someone else's blind spot; either pass them completely or hang back a little.

hen you've overtaken someone in the middle lane by moving into higher speed lane, be careful when you pull back into the middle lane; watch out for drivers in lane 1 moving out to overtake.

And last but not least, speeding is ultimately dangerous. So stop with the dangerous driving and take it easy and relax, sonny, there's no rush.

Use shop windows to work out just how much space you have when parallel parking and then have a sneaky look at how awesome your hair looks – that is a big no no!

Concentrate 100% on parking, avoid any undue errors and take your time. You can check your hair in the mirror after you've done parking and switched the engine off.

Roundabouts and Junctions
At a junction look at the car in front. Once you have both pulled to a halt then you can look at what's coming the other way. Never assume that just because it's clear the idiot in front won't brake to a sudden halt for no apparent reason.

Never clip the lanes when going straight on over a roundabout; one day there will be a motorbike there, and you may send him flying!

Enjoy the read? Look out for part two of this feature!
In the meantime, why not tell us about driving tips will you pass onto your children!