According to some people, modern motoring is a jungle where you're likely to be suckered in and robbed to your last wheel - or worse still stripped bare and left on the hard shoulder with nothing but your empty iPhone case to cover your shame. And that's if you live to tell the tale...

On the flip side though, most stories you will come across range from baseless innuendo to irrational social media drivel. However, Kahnnews must warn you - one or two are rooted in real-life events!

Meet the millionaire parking attendant

MYTH: For 23 years, a Bristol parking attendant patrolled a bit of no man's land next to the city's zoo, charging punters to park there. The zoo thought he worked for the council and vice versa. By the time the law caught up with him, he'd retired abroad – as a wealthy man.

The truth: This rumour has grasped the imagination of U.S writer Bill Lamperes, who wrote a novel about a parking attendant in Bristol who made his millions and then hopped it abroad.

However, the zoo has pointed out that the story is untrue. It's not a joke though to the Zoo's real life attendant Cliff Smith, who finds the whole affair rather boring now.

However, we are sure the millionaire parking attendant laughed all the way to a sunny climate!

Police officer clocks jet doing 300mph

MYTH: A police officer either intentionally or unintentionally points his speed detection gun at an approaching jet fighter. Later, the RAF informs the pilot he was fortunate as the jet's air-to-surface missile system locked onto him.

The truth: Given the number of bored coppers with speed guns who stand in isolated areas where jet fighters also practice, this might have actually happened though, no missile systems “lock on” and automatically activate – even if the bobby constitutes justifiable provocation.

Who is the dodgy passenger?

MYTH: Ever heard a tale about an old aged woman who gets a free ride from a kind-but-naive driver?

Things are supposed to get rather nasty, however, in the nick of time, the driver enough realises something is not right, so he gets the lady to check her/his brake lights - and speeds off to report the matter to the police. Upon examining the old lady's bag – a blood-stained axe is found – gulp!

The truth: There was a report of a carriage driver, who upon opening the woman's bag finds to his horror a number of loaded pistols inside. However, this took place some time ago, 1834 as a matter of fact, in Stamford Mercury, USA.

Unfortunately, this particular myth reared its ugly head thanks to the unholy Yorkshire Ripper in the 1970s.

Don't stop for the false copper

MYTH: A Woman is driving alone at night and all of a sudden a blue light flashes behind her. Rather than pull over, the woman keeps on driving, sensing something is not quite right, she calls the police who determine one of their vehicles is NOT in the area.

Four police cars are dispatched and reach the woman in the nick of time. And as for the so called 'police' car, a convicted rapist is arrested at the scene.

The truth: Strangely, the woman in question is a Dorset based woman by the name of Lauren. And this scare story originated in Ontario in 2008, and another woman by the name of Lauren was the alleged victim.

It is safe to say, the story is entirely bogus. However, bogus officer incidents do occur - so the general consensus is to keep driving until you're in a public place, then you are free to pull over.