The Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler CJ300 is an exclusive car with a unique exterior and interior to suit.

But what would make the CJ300 even more desirable? A personalised number plate...

Allow Kahn News to suggest a few unique registrations...


If you are a fan of the Royal Family or if you are related to the royal family in some way, shape or form, look no further than 4 HRH.

Driving a CJ300 with 4 HRH affixed to your CJ300 in Central London will ensure the most seasoned of MI6 protection officers could well be at your side and guide you to your destination – although one should be aware of the publicity this sort of registration generates – not to mention the vehicle!


Everybody seems to appreciate a fashionable set of Kahn wheels.

Imagine a set of Jeep 1941 (7x15), Jeep 1986 (9x20), Jeep 1988 (8.5 x 20) or (9x20) Jeep LE wheels affixed to your vehicle to go with the RIII MMS registration.

Slide into a Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 adorned with this registration plate and drive through the most fashionable locations and watch everybody admire your choice of vehicle, wheels and registration plate.


Is there a news hack out there who can lay claim to having a Chelsea Truck Company CJ300?

If so, the N33 WWS registration is a must!

You will be officially crowned the coolest and most feared journalist out there if you turn up to Prime Minister’s questions with N33 WWS affixed to your Jeep...

Not only will interviewees take you more seriously, they may even ask to be taken for a spin in your much admired vehicle!