The connection between a father-in-law and his son-in-law need not be fractious; a great ice-breaker is simply talking about Chelsea Truck Company Defenders...

Remember that no matter how old your wife is, as far as her father is concerned, she will always be his little princess.

With this in mind, allow Kahn News to give 5 simple pointers for impressing your father- in law.

1. Don’t Try Too Hard 

Remember, no one likes a try-hard.

You do not need to go all out to impress, allow the Chelsea Truck Company Defender Wide Track to do the talking instead.

As soon as you open the door to your Defender, allow your father-in-law to admire the bespoke interior then let him know that your better half chose the colour scheme and the choice of seats herself.

Let him get a feel of the Kahn billet steering wheel and allow him to indulge, and then ask your wife to take him out for a drive.

If he specifically asks you to take him for a drive instead, revel in jubilation! 

2. Give Him A Gift 

Don’t be rude and turn up with nothing, go that extra mile.

As soon as you make yourself comfortable nonchalantly pass on a much sought after Kahn Swiss-made timepiece, complete with a nice hand written message from you and your wife. 

Make sure you give it to him nicely with a big grin, and then ask your wife to wrap it around Daddy’s wrist. 

3. Do Your Research 

Find out which Chelsea Truck Company Defender he likes the most and why.

But don’t try to appear too knowledgeable though, allow him to tell you what he knows about the company and Afzal Kahn.

Look impressed, but don’t overdo it. You will be able to cruise through any other conversations that arise, navigate past any awkward silences and maybe actually impress him. You never know, he may even begin to admire you! 

4. Mind Your Manners Please! 

Make sure you are polite and mind your P’s & Q’s like never before.

Manners will get you everywhere in life, and yes, contrary to popular belief, you can charm your father-in-law. Compliment his Defender, even if it is not a Chelsea Truck Company vehicle.

You never know, he may decide to get an identical vehicle to you!

5. Play To Your Strengths 

Bear in mind, just like a job interview you are trying to be the best you can, so play to your strengths and learn to interpret the truth to your advantage.

So, you spend a great deal of time driving the Defender and enjoy taking short breaks in the city?

How about: “Since I work extremely hard, I feel as if I benefit from taking some time out to focus on life, away from the rat-race to clear my head,” – you get the gist?