Are you a proponent of the British legal system?

As you don your wig and gown and step towards the court room knowing you will do your utmost to ensure justice will be served, your opponents dread your arrival as you are intent on extracting nothing but the truth from them. 

And as you emerge victorious with your ‘by any means necessary’ attitude, you shake hands with all and drive away with the respect of friend and foe alike. 

There is one thing missing however, a barrister who sees himself as a hound of justice needs a number plate to go with his or her persona: BAR 157A.

If an individual or an organisation has a problem, and if no one else can help them, and if they come across you driving in your car, maybe they can hire the BAR 157A to understand, pursue and defend their legal rights. 


There are many advantages in relation to purchasing cherished number plates and our experienced team will advise you on which registration plate is the best fit for you.

Not only does choosing the correct plate enhance the look of your pride and joy, it’s an incredibly shrewd investment.

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