Dominik Peta was assigned by Bradford based Titus Salt School for a week of work experience at A.Kahn Design, here's what he had to say about his time here.

As I walked into the Kahn laboratory my heart started beating faster and faster, but when I saw the Bugatti Veyron with the F1 number plate, worth over £10 million, and the other top notch cars, my nervousness turned to excitement.

And a familiar face in Lauren Carter, a former pupil at Titus Salt Secondary school, who works in the accounts department made me feel at home.

I was shown around the premises, had my induction and by this time, I was raring to go.

I was told I would be given an opportunity to work within several aspects of the business and my first day was spent working with the accounts department, undertaking general administrative work, filing invoices, dealing with customer requests and more.

The second day was spent with both the accounts and design team. The design team are responsible for making Kahn products across the board, from alloy wheels to body kits. It was a real eye opener and something I enjoyed, I was given an opportunity to design wheels and was shown how to change the resolution in pictures.

The rest of my time was spent with production and the PR team. The procedure in which an order is placed to delivery of a vehicle is pretty cool and intense, it's something that both the team here at Kahn and the customer themselves, can be very proud of, because it's something that the production team runs smoothly so the customer is happy with the final product.

The PR and business team here is fun to work with, from a veteran called Nick Barr, who has worked with many great companies, and is looking after the overseas market for the company, to a south African gentleman called Deon, who looks after motor show events and advertising, there are many characters here who like their banter but also work very hard. I was taught how to write a press release and how to construct an article, this very article in fact, which I have completed for Kahnnews.

I would recommend the Kahn group to anyone looking for a good experience, I certainly did!

Thanks to the team for making my stay with you all so enjoyable.

The Kahn group is dedicated to the local community. For more information on work experience and outreach opportunities call Tony Saunders on: 01274 74 99 99