Where is the best place to meet up with fellow British and European Land Rover enthusiasts and view all the latest Chelsea Truck Company products?

The Billing Land Rover Fest.

More than 20,000 people are expected at this year’s 25th anniversary show, beginning on Friday the 31st of July at the Billing Aquadrome in Northampton and ending on Sunday the 2nd of August.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to view the renowned Flying Huntsman WB 110 6x6 Longnose Defender, first launched at this year's Geneva Motor Show as well as a range of Chelsea Wide Track Defenders at the Kahn Design stand M1.

Visitors to the stand will benefit from a range of special offers on parts and components only available at the show, as well as a visitor's discount on the new Chelsea Truck Company watch. 

The event once again takes place in the school holidays. Under 15’s visiting with parents for the day will be allowed in for free.

For more information on our presence at Billing Land Rover Fest – contact Matthew Coffey on matt@kahndesign.com