Let us take note of the things you love about your Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 Jeep Wrangler. 

No Protest Here

Take the Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 out for a spin, we promise it will not shout about everything you happen to be doing wrong. It will hum and whirr happily as you sit in the comfortable driving seat.

The CJ300 will agree with your every word, we promise. 


Standard seats just do not do it for those who want to really relax and drive.

Our range of GTB and Artico seats are a stylish and comfortable alternative to standard offerings.

Therefore, feel free to drive off to wherever you need to and experience some very high levels of opulence, all in the comfort of your very own vehicle. 

Put Your Feet Up 

You may get a stern telling off If you have your feet propped up on the sofa.

When it comes to the CJ300 rest assured, you will always be the centre of attention to all those around you.

So relax in the comfort of your Jeep and enjoy! 

The Heat Is On 

The Wrangler's classic removable roof is a classic feature that just never gets old. Drive around in a CJ300 Jeep Wrangler to show the other half that you are indeed a fun person to have around.

Whether you are driving in the Lake District or in the city, the CJ300 is the ultimate utility vehicle that allows you to shape shift into a city driver or a weekend warrior.