Our collection of personalised number plates include some of the most sought after registrations in the world.

Allow Kahn news to treat readers with a feature on some our most cherished number plates. 


Your Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 looks the business: all you need now is a registration plate to match.

Whether you driving in the hills of the Lake District or the open road, the OR1 ONGE registration affixed to your car makes for the definitive fashion statement.

What else would you expect? Owning a CJ300 is exhilarating. 

S50 CER 

Are you a Harry Kane in the making?

If you are a dedicated young footballer then we have the ideal registration for you: S50 CER.

Allow passersby and colleagues to appreciate your love for all things S50 CER.

When you do make the grade playing against the cream of the crop in the Premier League, make sure you keep this registration because once you retire, you will still be seen as a discerning football fan and the number plate will be worth a few bob... 

N33 WWS 

Are you a super sleuth on the lookout for a meaty story?

Imagine turning up for an interview or driving out in search for some information with the N33 WWS affixed to your CJ300...

Everyone will know you are serious about your craft and that you are going to be the best at what you do! 

S111 RRS 

Sir is an honourable term bestowed upon a gentleman of high social status.

Although placing the S111 RRS registration will not entitle you to the forename of a knight or baronet, you will be known by those who come across you driving as Sir!

Therefore enjoy your new found status amongst fellow road users Sir!