As Clarkson, May and Hammond walk off into the sunset in true John Wayne fashion, the reality dawns upon us that the Top Gear team has been disbanded...

Granted, Chris Evans is the new custodian of the show, but let’s be honest the show will never be the same again.

Here are 5 reasons why the Kahn News team will miss Top Gear. 

1. The Stig

We can confirm Ben Collins was the original Stig, however we cannot confirm or deny that we know the true identity of the current Stig.

2. Lights, Camera, Action!

One of the things that made Top Gear so special was that the trio of Hammond, May and Clarkson would do whatever they wanted with featured vehicles. They would get away with the most surreal form of criticism; drive vehicles to the ground, even blow them up, proving boys will always be boys.

3. Comeback Kid

Hammond sustained life-threatening head injuries and was in a coma for a fortnight following an accident in 2006 accident, which occurred when he was behind the wheel of a jet-powered car.

Hammond, who has since made a full recovery, recently admitting the healing process was far from easy.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine about the impact of the crash, he said: “For years I thought of it especially around now, in the autumn.

“It was a lot to deal with. I had a pretty tricky few years. I don't think I was very easy to work with for a good while. The team were very patient.”

4. The Cream Of Hollywood

One of the Top Gear producers blogged that it was a long-standing, albeit unlikely, dream of the show's makers to get Cruise involved.

Richard Porter posted: "As if that wasn’t ludicrous enough, he’s brought a colleague with him. Her name is Cameron Diaz.

It turns out the Hollywood A-listers performed really well, Diaz lapped the track in an astonishing 1:45.2 — becoming the fastest star in a reasonably-priced car in the new Kia Cee'd. However, Cruise went on to complete the in 1:44.2 to easily eclipse Diaz on the show's fastest lap time board.

Cruise said: "It was fun, very fun. I like fast cars and motorcycles - I've always loved them since I was a kid."

Whilst he was driving, he may have been thinking about the Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 Jeep Wrangler that made a cameo appearance in the thriller ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’, alongside Cruise.

5. Caravan Blaze

One memorable episode showed Clarkson, Hammond and May taking the caravan on a trip to Dorset; with a blaze erupting after Clarkson began cooking some chips at a campsite.

Viewers saw a fire engine race into the site, with sirens wailing, as if the crew faced a real emergency - the BBC said that viewers would not have been misled as it was obvious that the sequence was "slapstick" with a "sitcom ending".

Top Gear producers had contacted the brigade several weeks before filming - and paid about £1,000 to have six crew members and an engine on standby for the stunt.

The stunt, filmed at a campsite in Tolpuddle, formed part of a sequence called Four Go Mad In Dorset.