Young artist, George Rollinson has a penchant for creating stunning paintings and sketches of Kahn vehicles and his latest painting is like no other.

It took 36 hours for the 17 year old to complete a stunning painting of Afzal Kahn’s Bugatti Veyron.

Kahn News caught up with the young artist who spoke about his love for all things Kahn.

You must be a big fan of the Kahn brand

I first heard about Kahn Design from some friends who were talking about the F1 number plate and the Bugatti Veyron in the Kahn Leeds Showroom.

They were all asking me if I had seen the car., I did my research and came across all the custom Range Rovers, a huge selection of supercars and classic cars that Kahn Design has on their web site.

I visited the Leeds showroom, and ever since then I have been a fan.

What is your favourite Kahn vehicle?

My favourite Kahn vehicle has to be the new Range Rover Vogue 600-LE, supercharged of course. The Bugatti is also very special with that F1 number plate!

How would you compare the Leeds and Bradford Kahn showrooms to any other you have been to?

Kahn showrooms are like no other, outside and in. The exterior is clean and simple and the interior is pure class. They are without a doubt, the best showrooms I have ever been to.

What inspired you to complete so many paintings and sketches of Kahn vehicles?

I completed so many drawings because looking at Kahn vehicles on their web site or in the showrooms really motivates and inspires me to paint and sketch, again and again.

I’m definitely hoping to complete a few more; I’ve recently received quite a number of commissions and did in fact only return from Milan yesterday after having been invited to paint at an event launch.

Why did you decide to go with the Bugatti Veyron?

I wanted to go for the Bugatti Veyron because complete with the famous ‘F1’ number plate it is a real work of art.

How does it feel to have had a chance to give the painting personally to Mr. Kahn?

One word to describe it: Inspiring. I’m really glad the hard work and late nights paid off and Mr. Kahn liked it!

As an artist, that’s all that matters.