A. Kahn Design creates and manufactures some of the most desirable of wheels on the road today.

However, most cars are driven almost every day in a seriously tough environment, therefore, the intense heat and friction generated, ensures the adhesive that comes off the brake pad along with tiny metal shavings from the rotor generate a great deal of brake dust that stick to your wheels. 

Frequent cleaning is the ideal way to keep your wheels in tip top condition, therefore, allow Kahn News to share some wheel cleaning tips. 

Step by Step

We recommend cleaning the wheels before washing your vehicle, this will prevent brake dust and dirty water from splashing onto a clean car.

1. Rinse the wheels to remove any dirt and brake dust, use a water hose to deliver a strong stream of water and spray one wheel at a time with an alloy wheel cleaner, the best according to Auto Trader are:

Bilt-Hamber Auto Wheel

Simoniz Alloy Clean Plus

Turtle Wax Wheel Clean

Wonder Wheels Super Alloy Clean

2. Use a soft bristled wheel brush that fits narrow or wide spaces, the best ones have soft, artificial bristles which loosen grime and brake dust without scratching the wheel finish.

3. Use a brush to clean around the bolts and inside the holes, whilst you’re working with the brushes, the wheel should remain wet.

4. A great deal of dirt and mud is found in the wheel wells as the tyres roll.

Therefore spray the wheel well generously with an all purpose cleaner and use a long handled brush with sturdy bristles to clean the wheel well.

5. Rinse the wheel and wheel well, including the lug nut holes and between the spokes.

6. Always dry wheels, water spots are unappealing wherever they appear, even on the wheels. You would need to use a soft towel that would remove any residual brake dust.