Number plates can be more than just a few characters assembled on a metal plate identifying a vehicle, says Ryan Konko of Motoring Exposure.

They can be a way to add that extra special touch to your favourite vehicle and set it apart from the crowd. Some of these more sought-after number plates do not come cheap; in fact, some people are willing to spend in the six-figure range to get the plate of their choice whether it’s at an auction or through a private sale.

Who and what are the most expensive? Let’s take a look at the final three number plates that make it to Ryan’s eight of the most expensive number plates in the world feature.

#3 – Talal Khouri’s ‘5’ – $6.8 million

Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri jumped right back on the list after purchasing the ‘5’ number plate for an impressive $6.8 million. He plans on keeping the number plate until he passes away, at which point the plate will head back to auction and all of the proceeds will go to charity. What car did it go on? A red Rolls Royce.

#2 – Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri, ‘1’ – $14.3 million

Businessman, Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri, spent a whopping $14.3 million on what is possibly one of the most basic number plates in the world, but one that also makes the biggest statement. The lone ‘1’ was sold at the Emirates auction and is only expected to go up in value.

#1 – Afzal Kahn’s ‘F1’ – Price: Unkown

Back in 2008, Afzal Kahn of A Kahn Design purchased the ‘F1’ number plate for a “mere” £440,000 (+/- $716,980). Since then, the value for the iconic number plate has skyrocketed. In 2012, he turned down an offer over $8.14 million, and then in the summer of 2013, he turned down another offer of $9.3 million, and he isn’t looking to sell it anytime soon, unless there is an absolutely incredible offer. You can see the number plate on his Bugatti Veyron at the flagship Kahn showroom in Leeds.

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