The Defend 1948 wheels by The Chelsea Truck Company will give your Land Rover Defender a elegant look.

Designed to accommodate original centre caps, the 8 x 16” wheels move the stylish silhouette of the Wide Track Defender into the most fashionable of cities.

Presenting your Defender with a confident, fashionable look - the daring Satin Black finish is nonchalance personified.

The wheels are available as a set of four (£364.00) with CTC also offering an expert fitting and service at £24.00.

Please note, the Mondial (9 x 20) wheels are also available as part of our collection.

For ordering information, call 01274 749 999 or click here.


Defend 1948

Price: £364.00 inc VAT
Fitting: £24.00
Price: Each
Recommended Tyre Size: 265/75/16
Colour: Satin Black
Size: 8x16
Material: Aluminium