Are you looking for the ideal registration for your Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler CJ300?

We have the ideal registration for you...


Transfer the EAR 77 H registration to your CJ300 and you will be seen as a diehard off-roader.

No one will be able to question your integrity. You will be known as the one who constantly tests his/her CJ300 to the limit!

If you are a city slicker, this number plate is also ideal for you. This number plate would have people believe you are at one with all things EAR 77H.

If you are looking for something else, please be advised we have over 61 registrations currently available. Our current collection currently holds some of the most exclusive number plates registrations in the world 4 HRH, 180, 1 CEO and many more.

For an informal chat about our range of registrations, feel free to pop into our showrooms in London, Leeds or Bradford.

Alternatively, give us a call, and we will see what we can do for you.