When you drive around in your Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 Jeep Wrangler you will soon discover all about the #JeepWave.

A common courtesy extended between Jeep owners signifying the realisation and mutual respect for each other’s vehicle the #Jeepwave is camaraderie personified.

The #JeepWave may be modified to suit circumstances and local etiquette. Examples of frequently accepted waves include a swift side-to-side movement of one or both hands, simply raise your fingers from the steering wheel.

Alternatively, you can give fellow jeepers a #Jeepwave via social media, most notably Twitter!

The wave acknowledges the shared understanding and appreciation of the Jeep’s capabilities and the enjoyment ownership can bring.

When you drive a CJ300 Jeep Wrangler, every other Jeep Wrangler owner in the world is your friend. So next time you see a CJ300 or standard Jeep, feel free to do the #Jeepwave.