Trade price specialists CAP have released their Quarter 1 analysis for 2015 and once again, Kahn vehicles have been shown to maintain their value better than the stock vehicles on which they are based.

CAP Black Book is used as the industry benchmark for used car disposal values and provides comprehensive used car valuation data for the majority of cars on the market.

Vehicles from both the Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company brands were assessed by CAP, and the findings show a significant uplift in residual value, when compared to the equivalent Black Book value of the stock vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler:  CAP Black Book plus 12.5%
Defender XS 90:   CAP Black Book plus 18%
Defender XS 110:   CAP Black Book plus 21%
Evoque Ground Effect:  CAP Black Book plus 9%
Evoque RS Sport:  CAP Black Book plus 16%
Evoque RS250:   CAP Black Book plus 22%

A. Kahn Design’s founder and Chief Designer, Afzal Kahn, commented: "I'm pleased to see independent recognition given to the value that we add to each vehicle.

"We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that each aspect of our work, whether that's exterior styling, luxury interiors or original wheel designs, improves and enhances the original vehicle.

"Consumers will be reassured to know that when they buy a Project Kahn or Chelsea Truck Company vehicle, their money has been invested wisely."

Similar analysis is underway for the Project Kahn Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, with figures set to be released in the coming weeks, and expected to show a similar uplift.