Afzal Kahn has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds building up one of the country’s most impressive private plate collections.

And the most desirable of the registrations is his beloved 'F1', which currently sits on the front of his Bugatti Veyron supercar.

Afzal Khan broke a British record when he bought the F1 number plate seven years ago.
The designer originally bought the 109 year old license plate from Essex County Council in 2008 for £440,000 where it was used by then chairman Gerard McEwen on a Volvo S80.

The decision to splash the cash on the registration has proven to be a savvy investment with the plate’s value increasing significantly.

Mr. Khan has reportedly turned down a number of multi-million pound offers for the number plate, prompting calls that the county council could have received more for the plate.

A council spokesman at the time said: "We got the best price for it at the time we sold it and it still remains the highest ever value for a number plate in the UK."

Kahn's refusal to sell the plate means that only a world record bid could tempt the principal businessman into parting with his prized possession currently affixed to this Bugatti Veyron, in turn, significantly boosting the DVLA’s coffers.