The latest addition to the Chelsea Truck Company’s range of wheels is the Defend 1945 Retro design.

A real style icon, complete with authentic retro style cues, stud detailing and a deep polished dish, this 8 x 18” wheel is well suited to modern day and classic Defenders.

Available in Matt Black with an captivating Gold stripe, the 1945 Retro Wheel vigorously guide your Defender over bumps and pesky potholes, making for a smooth driving experience.

We also produce Defend 1948 (8x16), the Defend 1983 (8 x 18) and Mondial (9 x 20) wheels. Alternatively, if there is a particular style of wheels you are inclined towards, our technical specialists can advise on the right set of wheels for your vehicle.

In addition, we ship wheels worldwide, so why not take a look at our collection and reserve your set of wheels.

Do not, however, just take our word for it, come into our showrooms in Bradford, London or Leeds and we will see what we can do for you.

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