The disposition of the Land Rover Defender XS 90 Wide Track – Chelsea Wide Track, parked outside the trim room, brims with nonchalance and modernity.

Ready to be treated to a fabulous new interior, this modern day manifestation of Maurice Wilk’s original Defender is set to go beyond the confines of traditional automotive styling.

Most probably handpicked by a discerning client, a variety of fabrics will be carefully worked into the interior of this impressive Defender Wide Track.

Jamie Booth of the Chelsea Truck Company explains why customers fully appreciate the luxury and style that goes hand in hand with our range of interior packages.

“The design team are pretty much used to working with an open palette, so to speak. This ensures a great deal of freedom and room for manoeuvre when it comes to sitting down with clients and brainstorming ideas.

“Customers are excited by the fact that they have an opportunity to transform their vehicles into a contemporary classic.”

Factory collection

Should you prefer to get hold of your new Chelsea Truck Company vehicle in person, as opposed to taking delivery, you are most welcome!

Please let us know if this is the case, we would be delighted to assist when it comes to arranging your trip.

For more information on the Defender Wide Track please e-mail: