Do you need your Jeep steering wheel reupholstered and made new again? Even if it never had leather on it before, the Chelsea Truck Company will re-upholster your Jeep wheel in a range of colour and stitching options.

Designed to complement your existing or new CTC Jeep leather interior, we have literally customised countless steering wheels for every make and model of vehicle on the road.

The upgrade is available for £499.00, and The Chelsea Truck Company offer an expert fitting service at £75.00, each exclusive of VAT.

Alternative colour and material options, which include a Leather or Harris Tweed finish, are also available. Take a look at our designs, and you will understand why, any steering wheel in the world, old or new, we can re-upholster it.

For further information, call 01274 749 999 or e-mail: