One of the things that differentiate The Chelsea Truck Company from the rest is the ability to offer clients a project management service that goes beyond the limits of traditional automotive styling.

A selection of fabrics, leather and trim pieces, handpicked by the customer are methodically reworked into the interior of this imposing Defender Wide Track by a member of our in-house trim team.

Abdel Camara of the Chelsea Truck Company explains how the design team pride themselves on having an open palette, enabling designs to be individually tailored to each client’s project.

“Comfort, style and excitement are the very values that our clients share with us when they decide to invest in our range of upgrade packages.

“The driver and passengers fully appreciate the comfort and style bestowed upon them.”

Factory collection

If you would like to collect your new Chelsea Truck Company vehicle in person, you are most welcome to do so.

To make the most of this intriguing opportunity, please inform us if you would like to pick the vehicle up from London, Leeds or our H.Q in Bradford, where the world famous design studio is located.

Please note that there are a number of procedures that must be completed when you take delivery of your new vehicle. For full details, feel free to consult our head office, we will also be happy to assist when it comes to planning your trip.

For more Information on The Defender Wide Track please e-mail: