The latest Project Kahn vehicle undergoing transformation at Kahn H.Q is a rather special Sprinter van.

After years of experience with Range Rovers, the Sprinter van was essentially a blank canvas ready for a bespoke makeover.

And as the pictures suggest, this vehicle is set to be treated to a high-end interior. Production manager, Gary explains how the company’s luxury van conversions can range from the most premiere mobile office to a family coach.

“Our Interior luxury mobile office far surpasses any other luxury van on the market,” says Gary.

“Here, at Project Kahn, our development team works to redesign and innovate the technology in each custom coach, making us the finest connoisseurs in luxury Sprinter van conversions.

“Our development team is comprised of the top designers, and we are constantly working with our clients to push boundaries, finding new materials, and technologies to incorporate into our luxury Sprinter conversions.”

No doubt, one very lucky client will find out soon enough just why the Bespoke Sprinter by Project Kahn is truly one of a kind.

Factory Collection

Clients who wish to be present when the vehicle they have commissioned leaves the Kahn factory are more than welcome to do so.

Today, Project Kahn Sprinter conversions are accessible from our showroom in Leeds our boutique in Chelsea and our Head Quarters factory in Bradford, where the renowned design studio is located.

Where better to experience the passion of all things Kahn than in the place where it all began? A place characterised by a unique blend of past and future.

To take advantage of this fascinating opportunity, please advise from where would you like to collect your vehicle, in Bradford, or if you purchased a vehicle, in London or Leeds, we will then make all the necessary arrangements to have your vehicle ready by the agreed collection date.

Please note that there are a number of formalities that must be completed when you take delivery of your new vehicle.

For full details, please consult our head office, we will also be happy to assist when it comes to planning your trip.

Stay tuned to Kahn News for all the latest information in relation to the new Bespoke Sprinter Van by Project Kahn.