Kahn Design will once again be exhibiting at the Geneva Motor Show, displaying vehicles from the Chelsea Truck Company, Project Kahn and Flying Huntsman brands.

The much anticipated Geneva International Motor Show opens its doors to the world’s press on Tuesday the 3rd of March, with public days beginning on the 5th and running until the 15th.

The Kahn Group will unveil several flagship models across a range of brands - the most notable of which will be a new coach built Land Rover Defender named the Flying Huntsman 105 Longnose.

The new Defender has an extra 400mm of bodywork inserted into the elongated nose cone, just ahead of the windscreen, hence the 105 designation, referring to the longer wheelbase.

The show has an international, yet personal feel and surprises are guaranteed, especially when Afzal Kahn is in attendance. The British designer will be on hand to answer questions and showcase the impressive vehicle line up.

Look out for official announcements on Kahn News, where further details can be found in the weeks ahead.