The Defender is one of the most iconic and much sought after British vehicles in existence.

Carrying on the spirit of this representation of all things British the Land Rover Defender – Chelsea Wide Track is renowned for its rugged capability and fashionable design.

However, the appeal is also of an emotional nature; these vehicles are invaluable and have enormous sentimental value; as heirlooms and snapshots of people’s lives.

There's nothing like driving a sleek vehicle with 'KAHN' lettering on the bonnet's leading edge. Such prized possessions are only afforded to those who have the foresight to transform vehicles into automotive works of art.

Commanding curvatures and firm body elements ensure a Kahn Land Rover Defender – Chelsea Wide Track is mannered for daily driving, honouring exceptional design language and is available to your exact specification – making for a definite and lasting statement.

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