The Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.8 Diesel - Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 takes all the good from the standard model and adds some comfort, style and exclusivity.

Up front sits a four-slot Chelsea Truck Company grille with industrial mesh between two smoked headlamps. Each of the side wing blades of the SUV show off their carbon fibre construction.

Piano Black door mirrors, door handles and roof, optional quad crosshair system with 100mm tailpipes and a Chelsea Truck Company spare wheel cover showcases the vehicle’s exclusivity.

Toughness is a hallmark of the Jeep Wrangler models, and the CJ300 LE still retains this despite the high end look and feel. The ruggedness comes in the form of a new set of 9 x 20” Jeep 1988 wheels in a Satin Black finish with beefy 275/55/20” tyres. Behind those wheels sit brake callipers along with a new set of mud flaps.

The standard Jeep does not provide the comfort most families need in and around the concrete jungle, therefore, the Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 steps into the breach.

“Certain customers choose an interior to suit their very own personality and who can blame them,” says Chelsea Truck Company sales representative, Jamie Booth.

“We do what we call a full conversion of the car where we will restyle the exterior and interior of your Jeep to your exact specification and make it look unique.

“We offer a full range of wheels (up to 20 inches), along with bespoke perforated and quilted leather interiors. So be it any car, any size or shape, a full conversion would see a vehicle fitted with a special exterior package, and the interior replaced with sheer opulence.”

Furthermore, a commitment to fostering cutting edge technology ensures, should customers wish, for the blank rear window sections and LED lights to be made available in bullet-proof glass. Furthermore, depending on the level of protection required, a superior type of glass, more advanced than the sort of glass which is used to protect world statesmen, is also available.

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