Introduced in 1921 - the Austin Twelve Landaulet quickly became a favourite amongst London taxi drivers thanks to its durability and reliability, ensuring pre-war models were seen in and around the capital up until the 1960s.

Currently on display at the Kahn showroom in Leeds, the Austin Twelve Landaulet is back!

Therefore, please allow Kahn News to offer a handy guide to those who may one day see themselves as passengers, in the back of this iconic vehicle.

1) Be Courteous

Treat fellow passengers and the driver with the utmost courtesy even if they seem rather hapless. A true gentleman is he whose self-control is equivalent to all emergencies; who does not remind anyone of his or her inferiority; who speaks with forthrightness but always with honesty and compassion.

2) Do Not Forget The Thank You Wave!

If someone is kind enough to let your driver out of a junction or shopping centre, do not, under any circumstances, forget the “thank you” wave!
Yes, you may not be the driver, but not giving a wave is certainly not gentlemanly conduct.

3) Keep Calm And Carry On

If someone does something to upset your driver, whatever you do, do not take offence. This could seriously raise your blood pressure and minimise the chance of being placed in an awkward situation. Calm your driver down and try to remain within the confines of nonchalance and serene detachment.

4) No Littering Please We’re British

Obviously this is absolutely unacceptable. The correct procedure for those of a gentlemanly disposition is always, and by this I do mean “always”, to locate an appropriate receptacle to deposit the wrappings from one’s consumed fare. It is not as if these devices are difficult to locate, as they are spread widely across our green and pleasant land.

5) Do not expect many Austin Twelve Landaulet’s any time soon.

Finished in blue over black, and coach lined in red, with matching leather interior trim and black hood, this is a beautifully restored example which has been run out at several recent Goodwood Revival meetings and impressed on each occasion. Seeing one in the flesh would be a rare delight indeed. If you are lucky enough to be driven around in one of these, then the Grand-Children should be told!

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