Bradford, England, March 15:  Kahn Design, one of Europe's leading automotive fashion houses, is marking the16th anniversary of the creation of the RS-R alloy wheel.

The RS-R wheel was the very first wheel designed and manufactured by Afzal Kahn, earning the designer world-wide acclaim for designing the first wheel with a spoke running to the very edge of the rim.

The classic RS-R conjured up a sense of power, performance and style that was incredibly popular with drivers around the world, so much so that it is the most imitated wheel design to date. From the UK to the Middle East, from Russia to America and from the road to the cinema screen, chances are that if you've spotted a beautiful, high – flying alloy wheel design, it will have stemmed from Afzal Kahn's original design.

By taking key elements and aesthetic principles of the original RS-R and utilizing them– Afzal Kahn has started as he means to go on by 'going back to the future' and re-vamping the RS-R.

Initially available in 9.5 x 22 and 10.5 x 22 sizes: key design elements remain the same, simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edges of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical centre, because of this it really stands out from the crowd over complex wheel designs that are flooding the market today.

Commenting on the re-launch of the RS-R wheels, the much admired British designer insists he has stayed true to the RSR's iconic status.

“Launching my first set of wheels was something I had wanted to do for a while and I soon expanded my business from wheels to designing car accessories, exhausts and body kits," said Kahn.

“The RS-R wheels were designed to be iconic and the new version of the RS-R is intended to be just eye catching. The new wheel has been designed to accommodate a range of vehicles, from the Audi Q7 to the Porsche Cayenne. The RS-R wheels will be around for many years to come.”

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