The latest Chelsea Truck Company vehicle nearing completion at Kahn H.Q is the Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI XS 110 Wide Track.

Parked in the workspace the Defender 110 Wide Track has already been treated to all kinds of high-end, custom-tailored luxuries inside. However, an intricate and meticulous process in relation to fitting a set of front seats, hood vents, X-Lander front grille, a cross-hair military headlight, centre console and machined aluminium foot pedals, is required to complete the high-end conversion.

The 110 Defender has already received many an admiring glance from members of the Kahn sales office, with many a member of staff having discussed the superiority of the vehicle on a number of occasions.

In fact, this Land Rover Defender has been treated so well that in its current state it looks amazing, with the Kahn team having to rework substantial aspects of the exterior and interior of the SUV in order to make the vehicle stand out.

Notable enhancements so far, include wide wing arches, 1948 Defend wheels, which come in 8.0 x 16”, a new bumper with integrated lighting and a bumper sump guard mesh.

A twin crosshair exhaust system, a suspension lift, up rated gas shocks/steering damper, hard- wearing mud flaps and brake callipers lend a tough look to the SUV.

While the dark-tinted privacy glass leaves onlookers guessing as to what is on the inside, once you open the door to the vehicle, you will see front and rear seats and a centre console are just some of the Kahn upgrades which need to be fitted.

However, a show stopping roof headline along with fitted rear seats in soft material, door panel inserts, Churchill time clock and speedo/rev counter facia and Kahn billet steering make for an exciting yet uncompleted interior.

Just like all vehicles from The Chelsea Truck Company, the Land Rover Defender XS10 can be custom tailored to a customer’s specification, both exterior and interior.

Discreet Kahn branding leaves no-one in any doubt as to the source of this elegant functional design and meticulous attention to detail. You will never look at a Defender in the same way again.