Automotive valuation experts CAP have released quarterly figures which show the substantial uplift in residual value associated with vehicles converted by Kahn Design.

The findings are the result of a comprehensive evaluation of the Chelsea Truck Company Land Rover Defender model, as well as the Project Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS250.

The CAP uplift figure for the Project Kahn Evoque RS250 stands at an impressive 22%, whilst the Chelsea Truck Company Defender comes in at 21%, on top of standard CAP Black Book used values.

“When tracking vehicles fitted with Kahn packages, it was found that annual deprecation of the enhancement, over and above the base car, was comparable to the (each) car itself,” said CAP Black Book Editor, Tim Bearder.

“These figures undergo on-going research by the CAP editorial department and its findings are updated every quarter,” added Bearder.

Kahn Design’s founder and creative director, Afzal Kahn, welcomed the research, commenting: “The figures published by CAP underline our absolute commitment to quality in each project we undertake.

“Our aim has always been to enhance not only the aesthetics, but the value of each of the iconic vehicles we work with, and I’m pleased to see this confirmed by leading independent experts.

“The analysis also strengthens our position as the leading bespoke vehicle brand and gives a compelling argument for investing in our Chelsea Truck Company Defender models along with the Project Kahn Evoque.”