What could be better than driving an Aston Martin DB6 with a personal number plate that matches the car?

Not only does the 1967 AM registration look rather special on this 1967 model Aston Martin DB6, you will be the envy of your friends and neighbours!

The culmination of Aston Martin's long-running line of DB six-cylinder sports saloons, thus considered by many to be the last 'real' Aston, the DB6 abandoned the Superleggera body structure of its predecessors in favour of a conventional steel composition.

Increased rear-seat space was the prime DB6 objective so the wheelbase was now 4'' longer than before, resulting in an extensive restyle with more-raked windscreen, raised roofline and reshaped rear quarter windows.

These many dimensional changes were integrated most successfully, the DB6's overall length increasing by only 2''. Indeed, but for the distinctive Kamm tail one might easily mistake it for a DB5.

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