As you may well have seen on TV recently, the Kahn RS wheel has featured prominently in the latest UK advertising campaign from Pirelli. In the advert, an eye focuses and then repeatedly blinks away to reveal the Kahn RS wheel in black, bearing the Pirelli tyre, closing with the words: Technology designed with the best car makers to enhance the performance of your car. Engineered to excite.

The RS is an evolution of the RS-X wheel with increased solidity to suit the Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles for which it was designed. The negative sweep to the centre increases the visual mass of the wheel, and the spokes appear to continue to the very edge of the rim, maximising the visible size.

The RS is available in Hyper Silver or Matt Black, at sizes 17”/18”/19”/20”/22”/23” for Land Rover, Ford, Jaguar, some BMW and a selection of other vehicles.