The Series I Land Rover, and the Chelsea Truck Company Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 made a welcome appearance at the Land Rover Owner International Show in Peterborough this weekend.

In what proved to be one of the biggest gatherings of Land Rover owners and enthusiasts in recent years the LRO show covered all areas of interest and specialities from the UK, Europe and beyond, with exhibitors and action-packed arena events proving to be a one-stop shop for any Land Rover owner’s requirements.

On both days of the event, Chelsea Truck Company Defenders were on display in the main arena, and drove a few laps with the Series 1 joining them each day, providing a reminder of the ancestry of these iconic vehicles.

A number of staff members were on hand in order to give enthusiasts and customers the lowdown into how the respective Chelsea Truck Company Defenders had been subjected to superlative workmanship inside and out, further underlining the determined, purposeful nature of the vehicle.

The Series I Land Rover that was plucked out of a barn then restored by Ant Anstead, the star of the Channel 4 TV series ‘For The Love of Cars’, proved to be a big hit.

The 1951 export model was originally sold to an owner in Tanganyika, Kenya before its owner returned to the UK to live in Norfolk. It was first registered for use on UK roads in 1956, but had spent more than 40 years as an un-started restoration project in a barn before becoming one of the TV show's biggest stars when it first aired earlier this year.

Its complete restoration (including controversially re-spraying it Bronze Green) featured in episode two alongside Land Rover luminaries such as Series I expert Tom Pickford who actually drove the vehicle whilst he was at the show this week end.

Our range of Defender wheels: the 1948 Defend (8x16), the 1983 RS Defend (8 x 18) and the Mondial (9 x 20) also proved to be a viable draw with visitors viewing them as being a great deal more stylish than stock Defender offerings, and there were some attractive discounts available for show visitors.