In the past couple of years, A. Kahn Design has expanded into modifying and re-engineering an iconic vehicle.

Responding to the automotive authenticity trend, creative director Afzal Kahn spotted an opening by championing the Jeep Wrangler, buying vehicles directly from the importer, adding around £7,000 worth of upgrades and selling them for £30k, the same retail price as the standard car.

Since 2012, having established the Chelsea Truck Company and opened a London showroom on Chelsea’s exclusive King’s Road, sales are going well. Kahn believes he will sell 100 reworked Wranglers this year.

Kahn-modified Wranglers make up a large proportion of total UK Wrangler sales and retain more of their value than the standard Wranglers, say trade price specialist CAP. They value a Kahn Wrangler 12 per cent higher than the stock model – maintaining an enduring value of around 12.5% above black book indicators for the brand.

“In our opinion the initial uplift for the Chelsea Truck Package on the Jeep Wrangler is 12.5% for all petrol and diesel derivatives on top of the CAP Black Book used values”, said CAP Black Book Editor, Tim Bearder.

This figure undergoes on-going research by the CAP editorial department and its findings are updated every quarter.

“When tracking vehicles fitted with Kahn packages, it was found that annual deprecation of the enhancement, over and above the base car, was comparable to the car itself.”

A. Kahn Design’s founder and Chief Designer, Afzal Kahn, said: “CAP’s analysis acknowledges the higher residuals in vehicles enhanced by A. Kahn Design.”
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