Now available from Kahn Design, the Audi Q5 Wide Arch Kit makes a definitive statement - demonstrating our expertise is not just limited to Land Rover and Range Rover models.

Every component has been designed and engineered with intent, making for a distinctive and unique vehicle.

The complete kit consists of a replacement front bumper, rear diffuser, front wide wheel arches, rear wide wheel arches, rear hatch blend and quad exhaust tailpipe.

As with all Kahn Design vehicles, customers can choose their own colour scheme – the creative possibilities are endless.

Due to the unique way the Audi Q5 Wide Track Kit is manufactured, each vehicle has its very own character. Please bear this in mind when purchasing our enhancements as they require slight manipulation to ensure perfect fitment.

The upgrade is available for £4,194.00, and Kahn Design offer an expert fitting service at £3,000, inclusive of VAT. The estimated time for painting and fitting is 11 working days.

To complement the Audi Q5 Wide Arch Kit Wide Arch Kit, optional Q5 lowering springs are available in addition to a collection of wheels that include 9.5” x 22” RS600 and 9.5” x 22” RS-R wheels.

For ordering information, call 01274 749 999 or visit: