Businessman and designer Afzal Kahn has a canny eye for an emerging trend, as his latest venture proves. Autocar’s Hilton Holloway met up with the man himself.

Afzal Kahn is profitably meeting a desire for individuality among a few hundred wealthy people each year. These buyers can commission a customised vehicle that is unique – and the trend among the most affluent car buyers to make their cars unique is something that has had super-premium car makers – such as Aston Martin, with its new bespoke Q division – racing to meet demand.

Kahn was very early to this trend. He started Project Kahn in 2004 and concentrated mostly on customising Range Rovers.

“I started off in the car business as a hobby,” he says. “I had been studying architecture but I pulled out. I wasn’t interested in building property. I was a petrol head.”

By the late 1980s, Kahn had set up a small factory building glass fibre components.
Nowadays, Kahn-modified Wranglers make up a large proportion of total UK Wrangler sales and Kahn says that trade price specialist CAP Guide values a Kahn Wrangler 12 per cent higher than the stock model.

Buying the Jeep Wranglers directly from the importer and adding “£7,000 worth of Kahn kit and selling them for 30k, the same retail price as the standard car,” this is rather astonishing to say the least.

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