Standing for authority and style, our refined 8” x 18” Defend 1983 wheel is one of the most popular products in our current collection.

Available for £345 (each) inclusive of VAT, the 1983 wheel was created using a complex multi-spoke design that was created to suit the rugged lines of the Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track. The design is an evolution of Kahn’s original RS wheel, with a deeper centre which takes advantage of the low offset on the Land Rover, creating the appearance of tension in the spokes. The complex branching of the spokes gives a high visual mass, which underlines the strength of the wheel.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers the opportunity to express their individuality, and we offer a number of finishes for this particular wheel, which include matt black, silver and piano black with diamond cut finish.

Our service doesn't stop there, we can provide you with any advice you need about wheels, from calculating the right tyre size to simple advice about insurance. Whatever you are looking for, we’ll discuss your needs together so you get the right wheels for you.

We are able to ship wheels worldwide, so sit back and take a look at our collection. To reserve your set of Defend 1983 wheels, email: