Standing for excellence and style, our refined 9” X 21” diamond finish RS-XF wheels for Ferrari, Maserati, Lexus and Mercedes models are available on special offer for £999.00 inclusive of VAT, for a limited time only.

Owners of exclusive cars tend to favour luxury and attention to detail as opposed to ostentatious modifications, and our RS-XF wheels will certainly complement a 570-horsepower and 400-pound-foot of torque supercar.

The RS-XF wheel is designed to accommodate your vehicle’s original centre cap. Should you require one, please visit your local Ferrari dealer. Alternatively, we can supply you with an OE cap for an additional cost.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers the opportunity to express their individuality through their vehicle, and we offer a number of finishes and sizes with all our wheels.
Whatever you're looking for, we’ll discuss your needs together so you get the right wheels for you.

Please view our collection of wheels for more information.

To reserve your set of RS-XF wheels, email: