The Land Rover Defender has lived a long and glorious life that began back in 1948.

Seen as an example of highly rugged British engineering, the Defender went on to conquer the world, thanks to its go-anywhere ability.

Kahn Defenders are in keeping with the original lines and styling they were born with, staying true to the original design. Our goal is to work with the manufacturer’s designs, improving certain areas but leaving others when nothing more needs to be done.

The subtle detailing makes this Kahn Design Defender rather special. The exterior styling package designed in house at A. Kahn Design H.Q, transforms the Defender into a work of art, a fashion statement, in fact.

The santoniri black colour scheme, wide wings and extended wheel arches confer a bold stance. Details like the mesh stainless-steel front grille, side and -hood vents, and the unique Kahn wheels all combine to create a blend of rugged, yet sophisticated, appeal.

The interior of the Kahn Defender is almost as special as its exterior. And when we say "special", Afzal Kahn has an eye for meticulous detailing which can be experienced inside the cabin on the CJ300. It may have sports seats, but the quilted leather with tweed inlays exude classic style. The grab handles have Harris Tweed on them and so do parts of the dashboard. Even the instrument binnacle is lined with Harris Tweed. Additionally, the single spoke steering wheel gets a leather wrap.

Being an off-road vehicle, hard wearing front and rear cabin floor mats suit it well. Churchill time clock facia insert in red and vented foot pedals in machined aluminium seems like the perfect place for a wealthy Land Rover enthusiast to spend some quality time!

The A. Kahn designed Land Rover Defender derives its power from a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine. The four-cylinder engine puts out 122 horsepower, which is managed by a manual gearbox. All-wheel drive and heavy-duty suspension components come as standard fitment.

As always, Kahn design offers exclusivity without dissolving the essence of the product. The Land Rover Defender is iconic, and the personal touches added to the package make for a rather desirable vehicle.