The A. Kahn Design Defender SW 90 - Chelsea Wide Track is a true icon.

Yes, the Land Rover Defender could well be one of the most iconic and loved British cars of all time, but there's always room for improvement, right?

This is where A. Kahn Design comes in……

Don’t be misled by the well-groomed silhouette. Yes, this is recognisable as a Land Rover, but like no Land Rover ever seen before, we are talking about rugged appeal!

The broad 20” wheels give the vehicle a muscular stance. The wheels are covered by powerful extended arches. The exterior enhancements are almost too numerous to list, but the Kahn bumper with acutely connected spot lights, full-bodied sump guard, rugged twin crosshair exhaust system and side vents are notable additions.

The most imposing factor however, is the daunting X-Lander grille and headlamp surround. This gives the vehicle some bestial muscle albeit with elegant sophistication.

If you thought the authoritative exterior was to die for, then the antidode could well be the rather nonchalant cabin. Hand trimmed figure hugging seats in soft, quilted and perforated leather, machined aluminum pedals and a leather steering wheel complete this distinguished interior.

Off course, the Kahn Defender can be ordered in every colour imaginable, so feel free to suggest a range of enhancements based upon your own specification and lush standards.