Private number plates receive a great deal of attention from motorists who want their cars to stand out from the crowd.

Land Rover drivers seem to be attracted by the idea of coupling their impressive Kahn Range Rover’s with a unique registration.

If you want a registration plate that will both stylishly and subtly mark you out as a one-off, we have the perfect registration for you.


Affixed with the LR60 VER registration plate, one could easily use words like "fortitude", "exploration" and "excitement", for your Land Rover, which also personifies your very own personality.

What better number plate to go on your Range Rover? Sporting this on your car will mark you out as someone who is serious about testing your machine to its limits. This will ensure a drive through the streets of London being associated with those of a stately stature, everybody will notice this registration.

As personalised number plates continue to increase in value, it seems that people are finding them increasingly attractive in nature. This could be to do with the astonishing increases in value and return certain buyers have enjoyed recently.

At Kahn Design, we have many clients who have been satisfied with our no holds barred advice on which private number plates are likely to not only hold their value, but increase in the future.

We also discuss the merits of each registration mark, the positives and the negatives, in a positive and transparent manner and show you exactly how to minimise your risk.

Come in to our showrooms in Bradford and London or telephone us for a no obligation chat and we’ll see what we can do for you.