The prestigious 180 number plate was referred to as ‘The Ultimate Personalised Product’ in a recent issue of UK Darts Magazine.

Here’s the article in its entirety.

You’ve got your steel-tipped 95% tungsten/nickel alloy darts with the titanium finish with carbon fibre shafts and the flights you designed yourself.

You’ve got your monogrammed, made-to-measure silk playing shirt with your logo embroidered on the back. You’ve even got a pair of specifically designed shoes to help steady yourself on the oche.

What don’t you have?

You haven’t got a truly personal item on your car to mark you out as a true professional darts player. We are talking about a cherished registration.

Bobby George has “180 GB”. Phil “The Power” Taylor has “D4RT P” on his car, so buying a personal plate would put you in very good company. At Kahn Design, there is the perfect plate for a darts player “180”.

Over the last few years there has been a significant growth in “cherished registrations” which can take a number of forms, but ultimately they are unique to you. They are yours and they send out a significant message: you are serious about your game and your image.

Many cherished registrations are purchased as gifts for significant amounts of money. The primary reason for this is because quality plates hold their value. They remain an excellent investment.

The best position to be in is not to be in a rush or desperate to sell. Furthermore, owners are allowed to move letters and numbers closer together to easily spell words under a relaxation of the rules. The change allowed more words to be created – potentially boosting government coffers. So let’s say you managed to get hold of “D4 RTS”, you would be able to move the two parts of the number together to make “D4RTS”. Owners however, are still not allowed to change the font.

If you are seeking an investment, or interested in selling or advertising a personalised registration or would like the “180” number plate for yourself, contact the dedicated team at Kahn Design.