There seems to be a different kind of love in the air this year as motorists shun their partners and spend twice as much time maintaining their cars.

Results from a poll of British drivers reveals nearly five million drivers (12.6% of the driving population) spend up to two hours per week maintaining their cars but just half of that number (6.3%) admit to spending the same amount of time maintaining their relationships with loved ones.

The research, commissioned in advance of a promotion offering 5p off every litre of Shell V-Power fuels at participating sites, uncovered even more details about the special relationships Brits have with their cars:

- Nearly half (48%) of British male drivers value their cars above other personal possessions such as wedding rings (27%) and even family pets (24%)

- One in 8 of us (11.7%) believe our car is not just a vehicle to get us from A to B, but it truly represents who we are as a person

- One in 8 Brits confessed they have even given their car a pet name

- Top of the list of the most popular names are Trevor, Orla and Bettsi

And it seems cars are not just boys' toys; women are also sharing the love when it comes to their vehicle:

- One in nine women (11%) spend 1-2 hours a week maintaining their car

- 35% of British women said they would rather use a premium fuel that they feel really benefits their engine, instead of the cheapest option

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