The EU is one of the world's largest producer of motor vehicles. The automotive industry is therefore central to Europe's prosperity. It is a huge employer of skilled workforce and a key driver of knowledge and innovation.

However, Konstantin Braun, A. Kahn Design's European Business development manager insists in order to meet the European commission's main objectives in relation to private investor research development, promote globalisation of the technical regulatory framework and strengthen the competitiveness of the industry it is essential for Britain to work hand in hand with stalwarts of Europe such as Germany, Denmark and Holland.

“Global technical harmonisation is a key factor in strengthening the competitiveness of the European automotive industry world-wide, and in my opinion, Germany is central to this,” said Konuk.

“To identify and assess policy issues of significant importance to the competitiveness of the EU automotive industry and to suggest solutions that take into consideration economic, social and environmental objectives is of paramount importance and I know all about the countries mentioned, and we need to embrace them because as one of Europe's leading automotive design houses, we spend a great deal of time and resources in research and development and the markets I have mentioned along with more traditional countries such as Denmark, Holland along with eastern europe are also very important.”

Braun cites the commitment to invest in British industry and the sheer drive of Afzal Kahn as the key to the organisations success in Europe and beyond

“I would not have come here if I believed I could not contribute to Kahn Design's success on a long term basis.”

“Everything is elegant and luxurious here at Kahn. The cars are unique and the customers are up market. When I speak to my customers I do not only sell cars, wheels, timepieces and conversions; I sell the 'Kahn lifestyle', which is absolutely unique to say the least. It's a British brand but a brand with an aura, the personality of a man who wants to bring back the good times to the British motoring industry and that's something you can only admire. You only have to take a look at our showroom to see we mean business. Customers from outside of the UK frequently buy our products via our online shop and you only have to look at what we sell there, the sheer quality to see the amount of investment placed within.

“The company is an inspiration and example to the whole of Europe and I for one, cannot wait to see what lies ahead, because for Kahn, the only way is up."

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