What does the individual who has everything need?

How about enabling them to put their personal mark on their pride and joy, whatever car that may be?

We are talking about cherished registrations!

Over the last few years we have seen a significant growth in "cherished registrations" which can take a number of forms but ultimately they are unique to you, they are yours and they send out a significance message.

Many cherished registrations are purchased as gifts for significant amounts of money. The primary reason here is because quality plates always hold their value; with this, the best position is not to be in a rush or desperate to sell.

Furthermore, owners are allowed to move letters and numbers closer together to easily spell words easily under a relaxation of the rules.

The change allowed more words to be created - potentially boosting government coffers. E.g with the number plates WED IIN. So as you can see, the two clumps of characters can be combined to read a 'wedding' related number plate. This could add greatly to the price. Owners however, are still not allowed to change the font.

If you are seeking an investment, or are interested in selling or advertising a personalised registration –contact our team to discuss your interest and requirements.