Unmistakably British in style and character, the IMOLA wheels are typically classic in design. With curves in all the right places, they would not look out of place in the window of Agent Provocateur.

Engineered by means of the latest light aerospace forged technology, one simple look at a Ferrari F12 complete with IMOLA wheels will turn into a prolonged gaze, giving a new connotation to the words: ‘elegance matters’!

For its entire urge, there’s nothing else remotely like it. But the excitement of a smash hit catwalk is always about now.

Made to accommodate the original Ferrari F12 centre caps, the Kahn IMOLA wheels, 9x22” (front) and 12x22” (back), are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

The objective of showcasing external symmetry, unparalleled in the worldwide super sports car arena, has been achieved, and these wheels will be launched to the public in October 2013.

With simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edge of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical centre, Kahn Santagata wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.