You may not have realised, but the name Russell is inextricably linked with the history of private registrations.

In 1903, the first owner of the A1 registration mark was Earl Russell, who was amongst the throng of people queuing all night outside the offices of the London County Council to secure that particular honour.

For one fortunate individual, RU55ELS will be a prize possession; a proclamation of individuality, not to mention a great investment.

If you want to discover the ultimate number plate collection – look no further. From the regal 4 HRH, to NO 1 and from S50 CER to 00 77, our very own collection did not come together overnight. An considerable amount of time and meticulous effort was spent sourcing these prestigious numbers.

Not only do private number plates exert a pull on buyers throughout the land; the perceptive amongst us perceive them as a valid alternative to hoarding money in the bank.

If you are seeking an investment, or are interested in selling or advertising a personalised registration – please contact our team to discuss your interest and requirements.