Boasting materials and production techniques to produce timepieces which push technological limits: the A. Kahn Design collection offers an overview of some of the most exclusive luxury items today.

Innovative and unusual with bright colours and asymmetrical faces, Kahn timepieces encompass a distinctive look and design, setting them apart from the crowd.

The representation of time on a linear scale ensures nothing seems out of the ordinary. You can’t help but admire the amazing craftsmanship that goes into Kahn timepieces, from design to engineering and production.

The Vesuvius timepiece, for instance, pays tribute to one of Kahn Design’s most influential products: the stylish leather strap, contrasting deep face and blank numerals on the inner bezel ring to lend a touch of colour, typical of a Kahn Vesuvius dashboard and speedometer, allowing the thinking man to admire the choice he has made.

Like the aforementioned Vesuvius edition, the Swiss made Vintage Automatic timepiece is another example of style doing the talking in the absence of a six-figure price. The natural elegance of this timepiece heartens a stunning finish, reflecting an approach often associated with the golden age of design.

The inspiration for the look was derived from the most iconic images of the past, from buildings to actors and from landscapes to film. The soft, black leather strap combines beautifully with a rose gold and cream detailed face to create a stunning timepiece.

Kahn Timepieces are famed for the quality and diversity of the collections on offer. Nothing short of sublime they are a seen as a rare delight to the most discerning of customers.

Jess Teale, Staff Writer