In spite of the current economic environment, cherished number plates seem to have held their value in what is now a very lucrative market.

Buying personalised number plates is a pattern adopted not only by the rich and famous but by those who wish to make a statement or see them as an investment.

Currently, the most exclusive number plate listed on A.Kahn Design’s web site is F1, which was purchased for a cool £460,000. How much it is worth now? Well, your guess is as good as ours. According to the BBC, an offer of £5 million was turned down by the companies head honcho, Afzal Kahn.

Furthermore, the numbers 4 HRH, IIII T, 4K, 180 and many more are included in what could just be the most prestigious number plate collection in the UK.

However, we have number plates to suit all pockets from TA55 MYN for just £1,250 to S50 CER for a cool £1,667 and LR60 VER for £2,500...... can you make a better investment?

So why is it that people yearn for exciting plates tagged to the edges of their cars in the first place? Is it to be original?

Perhaps an investment similar to buying art?  Perhaps a way to show your personality? The fact of the matter is, those people investing thousands on a number plate are making a ridiculously high amount of money because their investment has paid off.

Piers England, an auctioneer at SMA Vehicle Remarketing, the DVLA's auction company, sums it up nicely: "buying personalised number plates is a way to express your own individuality". "What I like about them", he further adds, "is that you can have a lot of fun relatively cheaply. It's the ultimate personalisation."

If you are looking for an investment, or are interested in selling or advertising a personalised registration, contact our team to discuss your interest and requirements. There's no obligation and no fee to take your interest further.

At Kahn Design, we have many clients who have been satisfied with our no holds barred advice on which private number plates are likely to not only hold their value, but increase in the future. We also discuss the merits of each registration mark, the positives and the negatives, in a positive and transparent manner and show you exactly how to minimize your risk. We can proudly say we never have and never would advise a client to invest in a poor quality personalised registration.

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